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From first shots to winning goals, purchase lacrosse sticks for your students and athletes from Gopher Sport!

Motivate players of all ability levels with lacrosse sticks from Gopher. Browse our selection of adult and youth LAX sticks to find the ideal option you need for PE class, teams, or recreational programs.

Composed with thick ABS shafts and textured handle options, users will maintain a secure grip throughout the game. Wide baskets are a safe solution for indoor practice and learning fundamentals. As skills advance, players will benefit from more control offered by a narrow basket. Lacrosse sticks also evolve from basic options to impact-absorbing and flexible choices that provide a sturdy feel and precision.

Looking to get the entire PE class or team ready to play? We have a wide assortment of convenient packs in 12- or 24-player options to quickly outfit the entire class! If you don’t need an entire class pack, we also offer sticks individually.

Which Lacrosse Stick is Right for Me?

Head Shape

  • Wide: Makes catching and deflecting passes easier; for learning the fundamentals.
  • Narrow: For throwing and controlling the ball while moving; best for experienced players

Head Angle

  • Onset: Head extends straight out from shaft with large throat for easiest catching and carrying; best for beginners and skill building.
  • Offset: Throat angle for maximum carrying control and medium cant for accurate passing/shooting; great for intermediate players.
  • Curved: Similar to an offset angle, with cant that allows for accurate and powerful shots; for advanced players.
  • Forward Cant: Provides a shallow pocket for quicker passing and shooting; great for advanced players


  • Aluminum: Light, maneuverable, and more rigid; for experienced players or competitive play.
  • Plastic: More affordable and forgiving than aluminum; good for beginners.


  • 30”-35”: Young or beginner players.
  • 36”-42”: Women and youth.
  • 40”+: Men.

Instill an appreciation of lacrosse with your purchase of sticks from Gopher Sport!