Gopher Whip Aluminum Lacrosse Sets

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Lightweight, 40"L aluminum shaft with a wide head and pocket for optimum catching and ball control!

A wide head and durable, lightweight aluminum shaft teaches students how to improve their catching and passing skills.


  • Aluminum shaft
  • Nylon mesh net
  • Wide plastic head
  • 40"L stick

Develop Lacrosse Skills

40"L sticks allow for longer and harder throws, because the ball is farther away from the force. This means upper elementary and middle school students can take the skills they learned with shorter sticks to the next level of play. Aluminum shaft is lightweight, making the sticks easy to handle.

Each stick features a nylon mesh net for the same feel of an upper level stick. The deep basket and angled head promotes easy scooping. The head is narrower than other introductory sticks, but wider than upper-level sticks, making these a fantastic intermediate option.

Outstanding Durability

Aluminum shaft is rust- and corrosion-resistant, ensuring the sticks will last for years, even when used outdoors. The included white ball is made of a hollow, soft, flexible plastic. Its lighter weight and softer feel is more forgiving for beginners for less intimidating play.

Great for Class

Sticks come in red and blue, making it easy for teachers to quickly divide players into teams. The contrasting colors also make it easy for students to identify their teammates. A storage bag included in the 24-Player Set allows teachers to easily pack and store equipment between classes.

Set Options

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 red, 6 blue) and 12 rubber balls.
  • 24-Player Set. Includes 24 sticks (12 red, 12 blue), 24 rubber balls, and a storage bag.
  • Individual Stick/Ball. Includes 1 stick and 1 ball.