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Pow'R Ball Activity Set

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Players run fast, think quick, and use math and English skills to win big during relay games.

Six math and spelling games help increase fitness, coordination, and agility, while improving academic skills. Players race from one end of the playing area to the other, collecting number or letter balls, then combining them to spell words and learn math skills.

Improve Performance

This activity set includes fun games to improve English and math skills in a Physical Education class setting. Divide your class into 8 equal teams and have players stand in relay lines on one side of the playing area. Scatter balls in the far side of the playing area, opposite the relay lines.

In one game, players run and retrieve the Number 1 yellow ball. They then run back to the relay line and tag the next player in line, who then searches for the Number 2 yellow ball. This continues for numbers 1-5. After collecting these balls, the next player collects a red ball. Teams continue to gather the red balls until they are gone. Once all of the red balls are gone, the game is over. The team with the most red balls wins.

Other games include searching specifically for balls with even or odd numbers or spelling words.

Long-Lasting Equipment

Each set includes an all-purpose 5-gallon storage container in both red and yellow, as well as 70 balls. The balls are made with a coated foam, allowing them to withstand institutional use. There are 40 yellow balls, numbered 1-5, and 30 red balls.

Complete Set includes 75 coated-foam balls, 2 storage baskets, and activity instructions.