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ACTION! Rainbow ToppleTubes Set

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Rainbow tubes increase the excitement and number of teams racing to topple the competition!

More colors lead to more teams and more action! Each tube features 2 colors, for a total of 12 halves in each Rainbow color. This is a great activity to get players working together in small teams. It is also a fantastic addition to small-sided games. Scatter all 36 tubes in the playing area. At the signal players rush to flips tubes so their color is on top. With only 12 tubes available in their color, players have to work together to find the correct tubes to flip. The team with the most tubes standing up in its colors when time runs out wins! Teachers can also incorporate the durable tubes into other agility exercises, relays, target and knockdown activities, and much more!

Rotomolded vinyl tubes are highly durable and will not crack or lose their shape during consistent use. Set includes 36 tubes (8-1/2"H x 4"W), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.