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Change the way you play basketball on a 360° playing field without boundaries!

Play on the grass, in the sand, or on a hardcourt, Halo Ball lets players take their basketball game to more fields of play. A floating basketball hoop with no backboard allows for shots from any angle. Players can take up to 2 steps and pivot before either passing or shooting the ball. They can even pass to themselves by bouncing the ball off a tree. But no dribbling allowed! Players on defense can try to block the ball, but they cannot touch the rim or pull on the net. A layup or dunk earns 1 point, jump shots and alley-oops earn 2 points, and jump shots from behind a predetermined line are worth 3 points.

Setup takes just a few minutes, allowing play to begin quickly. Loop the 1”W slackline around two mature trees, in ground posts, wall anchors, or any secure anchor points up to 40’ apart at any height. Feed the slackline through the ratchet and crank to tighten and lock it in place. Attach the rim between the slackline using hook-and-loop straps, causing the hoop to float in the air for 360° basketball.

Individual Set is ideal for up to 8 players (4 on each team) and includes 1 ball (Size 5), 1 rim with net, 82’L slackline with ratchet, 1 ratchet cover, 2 hook-and-loop straps, 2 tree protectors, and a carrying bag. Class Set includes 4 Individual Sets. Patent pending.