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ACTIVE! FiToss Set

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Fun and strenuous medicine ball game builds strength and endurance!

Fitness-based volleyball/tennis mash-up gets students sweating before match point. Similar to Hoover-Ball, players heave a 14" dia weighted ball over a net toward the receiving team. Players hurl the ball back and forth over the net until one team drops it or throws it out of bounds, giving the other team a point. Play until one team reaches 11 points or a predetermined amount of time expires. Two included balls differ in weight to vary game play difficulty and accommodate most age groups. You can also add extra excitement, action, and communication to the game by tossing both balls at once!

Handling a larger, heavier ball requires more power and control, making FiToss a great total-body workout for Physical Education classes. The balls are softer and less abrasive than traditional medicine balls for non-intimidating catches, and they are textured for optimal grip. They also feature unique patterns on the cover for increased tracking during play.

Basic Set includes a 32’L x 4”W net band, 2 weighted balls (1 ea 5 lb, 10 lb), and activity instructions with team play options and individual variations. Deluxe Set includes everything in the Basic Set plus 2 Intentus Bases. Additional FiToss Balls and Net Band also sold separately.