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ACTION! ReboundRush Set

Unit:  Set
Students will get a "rush" of activity playing this action-packed game featuring unique rebounders that will have them coming back for more!

Race for the Rebound

Players from each team race to grab any of the balls scattered throughout the play area and work with teammates to advance the balls to score. Players can take up to 3 steps when in possession of the ball before passing it to a teammate or taking a shot on the goal, emphasizing teamwork and strategy. But watch out for the defenders! Each team has 6 defenders armed with durable, inflatable vinyl rebounders that feature two built-in handles and are designed to deflect and block shots or passes from the opposing team.

Other variations include decreasing the number of balls in play or restricting where players can run to score or defend the goal.

Set includes 12 rebounders (6 ea red, blue), 12 coated-foam balls (3.5" dia), 2 goals with bases, a mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.