ACTION! Drag'N Tails Set

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Be quick, cunning, and keep on running to score goals and hold on to your Drag'N tail!

Fun and Speedy

Drag'N Tails features 3 original flag belt activities that will get all your PE students up and moving for an entire class period. In one of the games, players try to step on other players tails while avoiding their tail being stepped on. When a player's tail is stepped on, he/she must retrieve it, exit the playing area, perform an exercise, and then re-enter the game. Play continues for a predetermined amount of time.

Another game involves players trying to retrieve a "dragon egg" while avoiding defenders trying to take their tail. Teachers can also incorporate goals and have players race to score a ball while trying to hold on to their tail.

Unique Flag Belts

The game features a unique flag belt. It's similar to some flag football belts, but has just 1 flag that is much longer than standard flags (60"L). Instead of being pulled off by hand, other players step on it. The belt has a slide-and-click buckle that's easy to use.

Complete Set includes 24 flag belts (12 ea yellow, green tails), 2 custom goals, 2 coated-foam balls, 2 pinnies (1 ea yellow, green), a mesh storage bag, and activity instructions. Additional belts also sold separately.