U.S. Divers Snorkeling Pack

Unit:  Pack of 12

Quality snorkeling equipment, conveniently organized for a group of 12!

Give your students everything they need to learn how to snorkel in a pool! A one-size-fits-all mask and contoured snorkel offer a comfortable fit.

Easy-to-Use Snorkeling Gear

This mask/snorkel combo provides a comfortable first snorkeling and diving experience. A multi-window design offers increased peripheral vision while underwater. Latex-free masks feature a silicone face skirt for increased comfort. A three-way punch and pull glide buckle system is easy to adjust, making the mask a one-size-fits-all option that is perfect for class settings. A submersible, dry-top snorkel with a one-way purge valve keeps water out. Its ergonomically-shaped mouthpiece with a flex section provides a comfortable fit.

Each pack includes 12 mask-and-snorkel sets, plus a duffel bag to carry them all!