U.S. Divers Snorkeling Packs with Fins

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Complete packs equip up to 24 students to dive right into snorkeling!

Outfit the Entire Class

Each pack comes with enough equipment for an entire class to dive and snorkel. The Admiral mask features two windows with expanded top-to-bottom viewing and a hypoallergenic silicone face skirt. A pinch-and-pull adjustable buckle makes it easy to change the mask’s fit. A purge valve keeps water out of the mask. The Sonora snorkel has a full-flex section for a comfortable fit. The one-way purge valve keeps the snorkel free of water.

ProFlex fins feature a contemporary design with a dual-composite fin for excellent power. Fins include an enclosed heel with a soft-foot pocket, along with an adjustable buckle and strap for a snug fit. Dual-composite fin rails require less energy from swimmers to propel themselves forward.

Complete Packs include 24 masks/snorkels, 24 pairs of fins, and 2 mesh storage bags for easy transportation and storage. The Elementary Pack comes with small and medium fins, while the Secondary Pack has medium and large fins. All three sizes of fins and the mask/snorkel are also available individually. Colors may vary.

Pack Options:

  • Elementary, Small and Medium Fins
  • Secondary, Medium and Large Fins

Fin Options:

  • Small Fins, Men’s 3-6
  • Medium Fins, Men’s 6.5-9.5
  • Large Fins, Men’s 10-13
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