Screamin' Utility Balls


Nylon/polyester windings give these rugged utility balls a kick...and you should too!

These vibrant balls feature nylon/polyester windings that fortify a three-ply rubber cover. Use them to add colorful excitement to just about any playground game and track them with ease as they fly or bounce around the court or field.

Screamin' Colors

Screamin' orange color makes these balls extremely popular with kids. Once the game begins, the bright color streaks through the air for easier tracking.

Durable Playground Ball

This ball's three-ply rubber design allows it to last longer than other utility balls on the market. No matter how long you play or at what intensity, the fabric-wound ball will hold up to game after game! These high-density balls are not for use during bombardment style games. 8.5" dia (22 cm).