Schutt XV HD QB/WR Shoulder Pads

No Longer Available

Made with thicker EVA foam for added protection and enhanced breathability!

Lightweight shoulder pads feature a thinner cut arch, giving quarterbacks and wide receivers more flexibility and maximum mobility on the field.

Protective, Breathable Padding

High-density EVA foam allows heat to escape, keeping players cool. Heat and moisture management system ensures a cool, breathable feel. 7 mm vent holes in the arch prevent overheating.

The flat pad design and attached back plate provides additional protection while maintaining a lightweight feel. BIOTHANE belt creates a structured fit without affecting the shape of the arch. High-performance arch is lightweight, while still maintaining impact zone protection. These pads are ideal for high school level play.

Shoulder Pad Options

Choose from 4 sizes to outfit high school players.

  • Small. Works best with shoulder width 16"-17"W.
  • Medium. Works best with shoulder width 17"-18"W.
  • Large. Works best with shoulder width 18"-19"W.
  • XL. Works best with shoulder width 19"-20"W.