Gopher Comp 1000 Plus Composite Footballs

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Top-quality composite football with ultra-tacky grip and textured laces for superior performance at a great value!

A premium plus composite leather cover makes this ball softer and more textured than our regular Comp 1000. As a result, it's easier to catch, grip, and throw! This ball has the best Gopher composite cover we offer.

Soft, Friendly Design

Premium composite cover has more texture and softness than the Comp 1000, making this football extremely player-friendly. It is more comfortable to catch and throw, making it perfect for players and students looking to hone their skills.

Tacky cover and textured leather laces increase grip for better performance. White laces also help players track the ball while it's in flight. The ball maintains its shape thanks to an airlock butyl bladder.

Available in 3 sizes. Official Size meets NFHS specifications.