Schutt Mid-Flex 4.0 Shoulder Pads

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Top-quality youth shoulder pads for maximum performance.

These are the best youth football shoulder pads we offer for all positions in middle school. Raised corrugations add strength in key hitting areas. Pads feature 7 mm vent holes, breathable mesh lining, and dual density padding for heat/moisture management. A 3-point belt system and over-the-shoulder arches offer maximum protection.

Superior Performance

A unique arch design offers comfort, safety, and performance to all positions on the field. The construction allows for complete range of motion for dynamic plays. Raised corrugations add strength and durability to key hitting areas. Integrated clavicle channel blocks extend protection to shoulders and collarbones, areas prone to injury. An adjustable elastic belt attaches to arches at 3 points, providing a snug fit for extended protection.

Hygienic Construction

Perforated, dual-density padding includes mesh and 7mm vent holes in the arches for ventilation. A breathable body cushion allows maximum airflow, keeping players cooler than other youth pads. Padding and cushion materials feature an antimicrobial solution that prevents the growth and spread of mold and bacteria, for lasting hygiene and comfort.

Shoulder Pad Options

Choose from 5 sizes to outfit players at any position. Smaller pads are optimal for students playing skill positions, such as wide-out or cornerback. Medium and Large pads are great for versatile blocking players such as tailback or tight end. XL pads afford linemen and defensive line players a superior level of protection.

  • XS. Works best with shoulder width 13”-14”W, chest circumference 30”-32”, and weight between 105-120 lb.
  • Small. Works best with shoulder width 14”-15”W, chest circumference 32”-34”, and weight between 120-135 lb.
  • Medium. Works best with shoulder width 15”-16”W, chest circumference 34”-36”, and weight between 135-160 lb.
  • Large. Works best with shoulder width 16”-17”W, chest circumference 36”-38”, and weight between 160-165 lb.
  • XL. Works best with shoulder width 17”-18”W, chest circumference 38”-40”, and weight 165 lb or more.
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