Youth Strength Training: Programs for Health, Fitness, and Sport Book

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Effectively and safely incorporate strength training in any elementary, middle, or high school program!

Based on research on instructional techniques and program design for youth strength training, this book serves as a guidebook for designing efficient, enjoyable, and productive programs for students ages 7-18.

Geared Towards Youth

Teach students a safe strength training approach that is specific for their age group. There are many benefits of strength training for young people, but fitness instructors and PE teachers may not be quite sure about how to approach such a unit in their classes. This 248-page book helps them take that complication out of the equation and give younger students a strength training unit that they will enjoy and learn from.


  • Part I Fitness Fundamentals
    • Chapter 1. Ready to Train
    • Chapter 2. Program Prescriptions
    • Chapter 3. Exercise Technique and Training Procedures
  • Part II Exercises
    • Chapter 4. Free Weights
    • Chapter 5. Weight Machines
    • Chapter 6. Elastic Bands and Medicine Balls
    • Chapter 7. Body-Weight Training
  • Part III Program Design
    • Chapter 8. General Preparation
    • Chapter 9. Basic Strength and Power for Ages 7 to 10
    • Chapter 10. Intermediate Strength and Power for Ages 11 to 14
    • Chapter 11. Advanced Strength and Power for Ages 15 to 18
    • Chapter 12. Sport-Specific Power and Strength for Young Athletes
  • Part IV Long-Term Planning and Nutritional Support
    • Chapter 13. Periodization and Recovery
    • Chapter 14. Eating for Strength and Performance
  • Appendix A: Sample Workout Log
  • Appendix B: Suggested Readings