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High-quality adaptive tricycles, designed for students who have difficulty balancing.

Promote balance and confidence in students with a tricycle. Students in Adapted PE will gain the ability to balance on the tricycle without fear of tipping while pedaling. Trikes are durable and designed to fold for storage and easy transportation.

Great for Balance Training

Three wheels on this adaptive trike improve stability and spatial distribution, giving students a better chance to learn how to balance as they pedal. 16" dia wheels and a low arching frame create a low center of gravity for greater control when turning and riding. This gives students the ability to ride and move around with confidence as they develop coordination, balance, and motor skills.

Convenient Design

These trikes for students with special needs offer a high degree of customization and accommodation. Adjustable handlebars, seat post, and weighted pedals with adjustable straps conform to any student’s height and frame to ensure comfort while riding. A padded vinyl seat with backrest supports students while riding, and a convenient hand brake keeps them safe and in control. A wire basket mounted at the back of the tricycle allows students to store their belongings.

Trikes fold for easy, compact storage and can easily be transported in vehicles. This makes them optimal for use on field trips and in other locations where a trike may be optimal for transportation. Trikes measure 56"L x 29-1/2"W x 36"H.

Trike options:

  • Fixed-Drive Tricycle: Easiest to use for most students. Pedal forward or backwards to power bike. Includes a hand brake for slowing and stopping trike. No back pedal brake. 45 lb.
  • Free-Wheel Tricycle: Offers a classic bike riding experience, students need to pedal forward to power the axle. Pedals spin freely when pedaling backwards. Includes a hand brake. 45 lb.
  • Chain-Drive Tricycle: Pedal forward to move bike. Riders have 2 options for braking: back pedal brake or the hand brake. 48 lb.