Wilson U.S. Open 25" Junior Tennis Racquet

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Lightweight titanium-alloy racquets have large sweet spots and shorter lengths for junior players.

Introduce students to the fun, fast-paced game of tennis with ease! The smaller design complements younger students, while an oversized head makes contact easier. Titanium-alloy construction and a synthetic grip stand strong against institutional wear over time. For ages 8-12.


  • Oversized Head, Wide Body
  • Titanium-Alloy Frame
  • Synthetic Leather Grip
  • Nylon Strings
  • 25"L, 7.8 oz

Balanced Introduction to Tennis

Slightly smaller and much lighter than a traditional tennis racquet, younger students will find it easy to pick up and play with this Wilson racquet! An oversized racquet head with 95 sq in face offers more opportunities to connect with the sweet spot while minimizing the dead zone. A padded, synthetic grip provide comfort and reduce vibration.

Institutional Durability

Titanium construction won't bend, dent, warp, or fracture during institutional use. Braided nylon strings retain excellent rigidity over time.