Wilson A1030 Full-Hardness Practice Baseballs with Bucket

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Unit:  Bckt of 36

A bucket of baseballs made for plenty of reps during practice!


  • Leather Cover
  • Cork Core
  • Level 1 Hardness
  • Practice Ball

Long-Lasting Practice Balls

Bulk baseballs are an economical way to help your team develop balance, control, and accuracy in their hitting, fielding, catching, and pitching. This bucket of 3 dozen official size and weight game balls will take a beating without breaking down. This is thanks much in part to the extreme durability of Grade C full-grain leather covers.

Durable Design

Raised seams improve grip for more accurate and powerful throws! Made with 85% premium white windings and a red cushioned cork center, even the biggest hits won't be enough to damage the shape or integrity of these balls!