Warrior StrongHold Anchor Station Packs

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This portable conditioning rope anchor great for group rope training!

This lightweight anchor offers great portability and easy setup—just add weight! Weighing only 46 lb, instructors can easily lift and carry this anchor anywhere it's needed! Drop Olympic-style weight plates onto the center post for stability during use. A small footprint allows for easy storage after a workout, even in cramped spaces. Protective rubber base helps keep the unit in place on gym floors and protects the flooring from any metal contact, preventing scratches on the floor’s finish.

A 360-degree anchor design means up to 12 students can practice their waves simultaneously! Ropes are easily anchored to a solid steel bar that runs the entire perimeter of the anchor. The open-cell design means they can be anchored at virtually any point or angle.

Rope lengths:

  • 30’L ropes are ideal for basic training.
  • 50’L ropes offer an added challenge, as there is more rope to move.


  • 1" dia ropes are for beginners.
  • 1-1/2" dia ropes are for standard use.
  • 2" dia ropes are for more serious training.

Station is 24"L x 24"W x 11"H, 46 lb.

Pack Options

All packs include 1 station and 6 ropes in one of the following options.

  • 30"L Warrior Apprentice, 1" dia
  • 50"L Warrior Apprentice, 1" dia
  • 30"L Warrior, 1-1/2" dia
  • 30"L Warrior, 2" dia
  • 50"L Warrior, 1-1/2" dia
  • 50"L Warrior, 2" dia