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Warrior Recoil Storage Racks

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The easiest, most convenient way to store your conditioning ropes!

No matter the length of the rope you’re using, a conditioning rope holder takes care of cleanup in just seconds! Choose a wall-mounted option in dedicated workout areas or a mobile storage solution that fits conveniently in your storage closet. You will find these unique rope storage options only here at Gopher!

Quick Cleanup and Storage

Instead of trying to shoulder-curl your ropes or manually wind them back into a bundle, utilize the efficiency of this rope recoiling system to quickly clean up. Attach your rope to the wheel and start turning to wind the entire thing up, much like a garden hose storage unit. The entire process takes seconds and you’re left with a coiled rope that’s ready for storage and safely contained until your next use.

The wheel system featured within the conditioning rope holders is facilitated by ball bearings for a smooth, easy recoil. This construction also helps it to function in the opposite direction as you cleanly pull ropes off for an intense workout.

Compartmentalized Solutions

Rope storage racks are available in 2 options: a mobile storage rack and a permanent wall-mounted option. Both options feature a powder coated finish that helps to protect them from wear and tear, while also giving off a professional, appealing look.

Our mobile unit features 4 heavy duty 5" casters for easy maneuverability from storage to activity areas and back, with 2 locking casters to secure the cart in place while you’re winding or unwinding ropes. When wheeled into storage, you can expect the rack to fit neatly into the available space, with everything contained perfectly.

For dedicated workout areas, a wall-mounted unit is also available. This unit bolts to the wall for a stable solution that allows ropes to be readily available anytime you need them, at a moment’s notice.

Warrior™ Recoil™ Conditioning Rope Storage Rack Options

Warrior™ Recoil™ Conditioning Rope Storage Racks are available in 2 varieties.

  • Mobile Rack, 57”L x 32”W x 44”H; 58-1/2 lb
  • Wall-Mount Rack, 31-1/2" dia x 9"H; 27 lb