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Volcano Foam Roller

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Relieve sore muscles and stiffness with a foam roller that turns relieves sore muscles for an encore of activity!

Our best foam roller features a raised, textured design that applies firm pressure to deep muscle tissue to provide a relaxing, restorative massage. By stimulating blood flow and breaking up lactic acid, users will find themselves on the road to recovery faster, with less pain and soreness hindering them.

The Basic Pack includes two types of rollers of different lengths and densities. The short rollers are extremely portable and great for providing therapeutic relief to hard-to-reach areas. Their semi-firm density helps acclimate beginners to the sensations of foam rolling. The longer rollers employ a greater surface area to easily address larger muscles for widespread relief from soreness. Their firmer density works deeper into tissue to loosen tighter muscles.

The Deluxe Pack adds Volcano Rollers, which feature a textured surface for intense knots. Both packs include a Magnus Stationary Rack that holds 24 rollers and is made of durable ABS plastic. This keeps your rollers off the ground, protecting them from damage, and out of the way, to maximize gym space and organize equipment.


  • Rounded tubes with different various foam densities roll across sore muscles to reduce tension as a form of self-myofascial release and massage therapy.
  • Foam rollers help because exercise burns glucose and glycogen as its fuel, leaving behind a byproduct called lactic acid. This produces the pain or "burn" you feel the day after a hard workout. To get rid of the pain, use foam rollers to massage muscles on your own.
  • Best suited for indoor use, as rough surfaces will break the foam down faster over time.