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Vintage Antimicrobial Medicine Balls

As low as $26.95

Our classic medicine ball that features a durable, grippy cover with antimicrobial properties!

This medicine ball features an antimicrobial cover that helps prevent the presence of bacteria on the surface. By eliminating time cleaning medicine balls, users can maximize training time and minimize transitions between stations and classes. Its low-bounce design keeps the ball close during workouts. Not designed for continual slamming. Six individual weights allow for progressive training and accessibility by students of most ages and abilities. Vintage Antimicrobial Medicine Balls are available in sets or individually in 6 weights (7"-12" dia).

Sets include balls, mobile all-steel UltraFit Rack, and 3 laminated UltraFit Medicine Ball Training Charts.

Set Options

  • 5-Ball includes 1 ea 4-12 lb.
  • 10-Ball includes 2 ea 4-12 lb.
  • 15-Ball includes 3 ea 6-10 lb; 2 ea 4, 12, 14 lb.
  • 21-Ball includes 4 ea 4-8 lb; 3 ea 10-14 lb.