Vertex Square Plyo Box Set

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The most compact plyo box set we offer!

Get a set of plyometric boxes that is extremely durable, yet easy to transport and store! The 1” sq 11-gauge steel frame packs durability with a lightweight, stackable design. It’s easy to access any size box without unstacking the set, thanks to an open end on each.

Easy Access

An open-frame design allows users to pull out the desired size without having to unstack the entire set. The nesting design also saves space on the training floor and in the storage closet. Progressive sizes allow users to graduate to taller boxes as their skills develop. Each box is heavy enough to stay grounded during use yet light enough for easy transportation:

  • 12”H, 12 lb
  • 18”H, 18 lb
  • 24”H, 25 lb
  • 30”H, 32 lb
  • 36”H, 39 lb

Sturdy Construction

A 1” sq steel frame made with 11-gauge steel is incredibly compact yet durable enough for rigorous training in an institutional setting. A textured anti-slip platform ensures a safe landing. It’s also recessed into the frame, preventing it from peeling away. Rubber feet on the box keep it in place during use and protect floors from scratches.