VariRoll Glute/Ab Roller

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Roll out a more effective abdominal routine!

This unique ab roller allows for a myriad of varied movements with hands and feet. Its innovative design engages students with muscle-targeting routines that roll on the burn.

Versatile Design

Versatile inner handles allow users to perform ab rollouts to the front and sides while maintaining a firm yet comfortable grip. Four 3" dia side-mounted wheels allow users to turn the roller effortlessly, targeting new muscles on the fly. An angled foot cradle provides support for curls and tucks. Wheels roll smoothly across almost any surface, increasing the challenge and keeping abs under tension. No straps or buckles allow for hassle-free training!

Solid Construction

Heavy-gauge steel covers wheels for smooth ab/glute workouts. The steel construction withstands abuse in institutional settings. Yet a small footprint and low 13 lb weight keep the roller portable and easy to store. A powder-coated finish enhances grip and protects the roller from nicks and chips during transportation. 13"L x 25-1/2"W x 3"H; 13 lb.