Gopher UltraPlay Soccer Balls

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Our best molded-rubber soccer ball has a soft, tacky feel!

Our exclusive soft-touch rubber is specially formulated to feel softer and friendlier than other molded-rubber soccer balls. The premium nylon windings help retain their shape better and last longer. 

Durable Design

Featuring a durable design, these soccer balls will hold up to years of consistent use in gym classes and on playgrounds! The upgraded rubber allows the ball to perform better and longer than other rubber balls on the market. This premium construction also includes a butyl airlock bladder which allows the ball to maintain its shape and retain air for long periods of time. The soft-touch cover provides the feel and performance one would typically associate with higher-level soccer balls.

Multiple Colors

With a variety of colors, you will find the best soccer balls for your students. Black and white balls provide classes with a more official appearance, while Rainbow Sets of 6 make it easier for teachers to split students up into different games and drills. For example, students with blue balls can work on passing, while students with yellow balls work on goalie drills.