Ultrak L10 Multi-Lane Stopwatches

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Time up to 8,000 participants in a road or track race with dual split memory recall.

Our best timer for large sporting events and road races! The ideal watch for your next road race times up to 8,000 competitors in up to 10 lanes, with pre-assigned 4-digit bib numbers that can be logged and printed at the finish line.

Perfect for Large Events

Designed for use in running events such as 5K or 10K runs, cross country races, marathons, and more, it can't get easier to track up participants in free running scenarios or in track and field events. In race mode, you can assign 4-digit bib numbers and stagger start times for supreme accuracy across segmented groups of runners, quickly recalling cumulative times based on participant numbers.

In track mode, a lane button helps to minimize cords to maximize accuracy, while a double-digit lap counter makes timing longer races seamless. Each lane requires 1 Lane Button (equipped with a Windows interface, included). Both wired and wireless models allow information to be uploaded to a computer quickly. A convenient test mode ensures optimal functionality before official timing starts.

Instant Results

A built-in printer makes printing unofficial scores quick and easy. With 13 digits per line and a print rate of 1.5 lines per second—which includes date and time stamp—both run number and record type (track or road) can be delivered to participants moments after they finish. In larger race scenarios, printing can be paused to reload paper without interfering with recalled times. Two rolls of printer paper are included with each stopwatch. Additional paper (set of 5 rolls) are sold separately.

Don't want to print? Connecting for uploading to your computer is simple and convenient. It's compatible with a number of software programs; pair with Hy-Tek, Runscore, Easy Meet Manager, and more to solidify results and consolidate official times. Scores can then be sorted and posted online, emailed, and more.

For wireless connections, the watch runs on two AA batteries and a radio frequency. Multiple settings can be tweaked to avoid interference, ensuring data is transmitted soundly.

Stopwatch Options

Wired Stopwatches

  • 1 Lane Button
  • 8 Lane Buttons

Wireless Stopwatches

  • 1 Lane Button
  • 2 Lane Button