Ultrak 495 Stopwatches

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Full-featured stopwatch, with large three-row display.

Measure and recall up to 300 single-event times with a 10-hour timing range to gauge quantitative data regarding lap and cumulative splits, dual splits, stroke/frequency, and more. A large, three-row display shows elapsed time, lap time, and split time simultaneously for a comprehensive timing overview. Intuitive programming makes clocking easy and raised buttons provide tangible clicks to make timing without looking at the watch simple.

Primary Functions

  • Single Event Time – Time from start to finish for any activity.
  • Split Time – Time from start to the next pause of time.
  • Lap Time – Interval or segment of time elapsed since the previous reading.
  • Dual Split Time – Simultaneous display of lap and split times.
  • Lap Counter – Tracks all of the readings taken.
  • Memory Recall – The ability to recall up to 100 previous recordings.
  • 10 Hour Timing Range – Maximum length of time available in watch’s memory.

Complete and Resilient Design

Multiple timing features make this stopwatch ideal for just about any event, and with 100 logged times per row on a three-row face, it’s easy to examine up to 300 data points by cycling through. Separate rows allow for concurrent timing while data points are recalled for real-time comparisons—you never have to stop the clock!

An antibacterial and moisture-resistant adds protection for use both indoors and out. Crisp buttons deliver an audible click when pressed to signal clocking even when your eyes are on the action. A breakaway lanyard unsnaps at the slightest tug for safety and quick removal. A 5-year battery life provides reliability across any event and common CR2032 lithium batteries can be easily replaced for lasting use.

When it's not in use, set it to display the year and time (month/date and hour/minute/seconds) to use it as a watch to keep an eye on class time.

Other Functions

  • Lap cumulative splits
  • Stroke/frequency
  • Time
  • Date
  • Lithium battery
  • Breakaway lanyard