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UltraFit Sandbag Training Charts

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Put students on a self-paced path to sandbag success with expert instruction!

Teaching sandbag workouts is as easy as looking at the pictures on these posters and following clear, concise instruction. Posters show 27 exercises for students to master, working different muscle groups and parts of the body. Laminated posters are designed to last for years and stay clean in institutional settings.

Easy-to-Follow Instruction

No instructor needed! Quickly and easily introduce your students to a wide range of sandbag workouts and watch as they learn the concept of each movement, as well as the proper form and safety. These charts feature start and stop images and step-by-step instruction of each exercise to help students understand the objective of each workout.

In total, your students will learn 27 exercises, designed to work every part of their body. Segmented into Lower-, Upper-, and Total-Body posters, each exercise has a clear focus on different muscle groups, allowing teachers and students to tune-in to different fitness objectives and put together routines that target those specific areas.

The self-directed nature of these charts is great for beginners and advanced students alike. Beginners can take their time to ensure they’re truly understanding each motion as they get familiar with sandbags. For advanced users, being able to string together their own routine at a pace that’s right for them means a more complete workout opportunity.

Quality Construction

Measuring 24”L x 18”W, each full-color chart is large enough for students to clearly see and follow along. Moreover, posters are laminated for additional durability in a PE or gym environment. they'll easily stand up to sweat and handling when they’re moved around. Mount to the wall for stations or an area where they don’t need to be removed frequently.