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UltraFit ProTex Resistance Tubing with Foam Handle Packs

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Ultra-strong sets of nylon-sheathed resistance tubes and foam-covered handles are the ultimate asset for training!

Want a heavy resistance tube that combines durability and safety? Seatbelt-grade nylon sheathing protects the tube from overextension and external damage. It also keeps users safe by preventing unlikely snapbacks.


  • Resistance bands are less intimidating than dumbbells and machines, yet still produce great results.
  • Resistance training is great for building strength and stability, and can be a tremendous help during physical therapy, yoga, stretching, and more.
  • Rubber-dipped latex tubing (48"L) is available with foam-covered handles.
  • Durable handles will crush or deform over time and slide for maximum comfort.
  • Easily progress in your strength training with 4 levels of resistance.
  • Each level of resistance is clearly identified with a label and specific color.
  • This is the only sheathed tubing we carry, and our safest and longest-lasting option.