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UltraFit Latex-Free Brawn Bands

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Our formidable Brawn Bands without latex for ultra-safe use!

Safely add resistance to lifting exercises and mobility work without fear of skin irritation. Our tried-and-true UltraFit Brawn Bands are now available in a latex-free formula, making them safe for everyone in your school or team. Rely on them for the same great functionality, from anchoring to equipment to assisting pull-ups and dips. Extremely durable seamless construction stands up to institutional use.


  • Resistance bands are less intimidating than dumbbells and machines, yet still produce great results.
  • Resistance training is great for building strength and stability, and can be a tremendous help during physical therapy, yoga, stretching, and more.
  • A closed loop design adds resistance for stretching, rehabilitation, and strength training.
  • This is the only closed loop, thick-resistance band we offer, and our most versatile resistance band.
  • Band dimensions are 41”L x 3/16” thick. Width varies from 1/2”W (XX-Light) to 2-1/2”W (Heavy).

Pack Options

UltraFit Brawn Bands Packs. Include 8 bands and a mesh storage bag.

  • Light (2 XX-Light, 4 X-Light, 2 Light)
  • Medium (2 X-Light, 4 Light, 2 Medium)
  • Heavy (2 Light, 4 Medium, 2 Heavy)