UltraFit KettleBALL Rubber Kettlebells

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Our only training kettlebell that comes in challenging weights!

Designed for new users but with the same heft as cast-iron options, this rubber kettlebell is a great intermediate option. With safety features built in, it’ll provide a great workout while encouraging good form and comfort.

Non-Intimidating Design

These Kettlebells are made of solid, semi-flexible, no-scuff rubber with a slight give. Less abrasive than cast iron, these rubber kettlebells are non-intimidating as students learn the basics of kettlebell training. The handle is smooth for easier maneuvering between exercises. The bell is slightly oversized for better weight distribution and easier handling. Flat bottom prevents rolling and makes storage easier.

Easy Organization

Each kettlebell is color-coded based on its weight, so students and instructors can easily choose the right level of resistance for specific exercises or proficiency levels. Weights also display pounds so students know exactly what load they're lifting. Available individually.