UltraFit HD Foam Rollers

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High-density foam delivers more pressure for greater tissue manipulation and reduced soreness.

Roll into the benefits of faster recovery, better circulation, and bigger range of motion with high-density foam rollers. For larger muscle groups in the trunk and legs or incredibly tough muscle knots, high-density foam is favorable for reducing fatigue and improving performance. Increased rigidity reduces ""give"" and creates greater overall change in the muscles for a deeper massage and quicker recovery.

Choose between two densities for distinct, targeted levels of relief.

  • Firm rollers apply deep pressure to stubborn trigger points.
  • Extra-Firm rollers offer our firmest density, allowing advanced users to target the toughest knots.

Two size options

High-density foam rollers are available in 12”L or 36”L options, allowing you to finesse specific muscles or cover large muscle groups like the chest or back. 6” dia. Available individually.