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UltraFit Fitness Bar Circuit Pack

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Raise the bar of your workout with this strength-building circuit!

Help students build an understanding of proper weightlifting form with fitness bar exercises! This pack features everything they need to get familiar with fitness bars, including clear, concise instructional boards to guide students through the movements. This pack is great for the entire class!

Raise the Bar for Fitness

Introducing students to the many benefits of fitness bars is easy with this pack! It includes all of the essential equipment—like cones, an interval timer, bars, and storage—to teach the entire class. Innovative station boards help students understand the steps to each exercise. This allows them to learn independently without the instructor having to be at every station at once.

Workouts are divided into specific areas of focus to make each station unique. Students will learn movements that serve to be fundamentals for more advanced weightlifting techniques down the line. Moreover, these bars are all lighter, smaller, and less intimidating than steel barbells or weighted rack bars.


  • Contains all of the equipment you need to train the whole class on fitness bars.
  • High quality equipment is designed to last for years in institutional settings.
  • Training boards Guide students through movements. Teacher cards further explain the movements and how to efficiently set up the class for best results.
  • This pack was designed around the demands of PE classes and all included equipment is safe for gym floors.

Pack Options

  • Complete Circuit Pack
  • UltraFit Pro Fitness Bars, Pack of 30 (15 ea 8 lb, 12 lb)
  • UltraFit Fitness Bar Rack,1 Ea
  • Gopher Ignition Interval Timer, 1 Ea
  • Rainbow SmartHolder Cones, Set of 12
  • Two-sided UltraFit Fitness Bar Station Boards with Teacher Overview Cards, Pack of 8