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UltraFit Fitness Bar Charts

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Unit:  Set of 3

Premium-quality laminated charts target fitness bar exercises for the entire body.

Easy-to-read text and colorful illustrations make it simple to teach students aerobic bar exercises! Three posters, 1 for lower, 1 for upper body, and 1 for back/core/abs, make it possible to set up a total-body workout circuit with fitness bars! Hang these large 24”L x 18”W posters on the wall for a great solution to self-paced exercises!

Convenient Instruction

With exercises portrayed right in front of students as they’re working out, there’s no need for teachers to print up worksheets or walk around with a tablet to demonstrate movements to students. These charts enable students to work in a self-directed way, choosing their own pace and acclimating accordingly to each new exercise. This allows teachers to observe the class, to pinpoint areas of improvement in specific students.

Each chart comes with a visual picture of the exercise, as well as copy that outlines the entire process in a step-by-step way. This combination provides complete instruction for students and reinforces their confidence in mastering the movement. Each poster is incredibly straightforward and easy to understand!

Numerous Exercises

Each poster includes a series of 6 workouts, giving your students 27 total exercises that can be performed with a fitness bar. They’ll learn how to build on core exercises that they already know, as well as learn new ones, including lateral raises, kayakers, leg lifts, stirs, and deadlifts, to name a few.

Great Durability

Lamination protects these posters from damage or degradation, making them safe for use wherever your workouts are taking place. They can easily be mounted to walls for a widespread visual for the entire class, or laid on the floor in front of students as part of a circuit training exercise. They come rolled up, eliminating creases or folds that may make it hard for students to see the picture or read the instructions.