UltraFit Fitness Bar 36-Bar ClassPlus Pack

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Unit:  Pack of 36

Convenient pack of 36 aerobic fitness bars with instruction and storage outfits your largest classes!

This pack accommodates your largest classes! Or, split the pack of 36 aerobic weight bars between multiple groups. Each 48"L bar's steel center rod is coated in a premium textured foam for comfort and control. Color-coding allows students to quickly determine which is right for them. Molded-in weight markers won't wear off, and squared end caps keep bars in place when set down.

Training charts include step-by-step instructions and images that are easy to follow, eliminating prep time to find exercises. Three 18" x 24" charts are included and laminated for lasting use. Finally, a custom storage rack keeps bars organized and easily accessible. Easily move it to and from storage, or around your space, thanks to smooth-rolling casters. Rack is 48”L x 20”W x 48”H, 88 lb. Assembly required.


Pack includes 36 bars (6 ea 3-18 lb), rack, and 3 training charts.