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UltraFit Dumbbell Training Charts

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Unit:  Set of 3

High-quality, laminated charts detail dumbbell exercises for upper and lower body.

Each dumbbell workout chart provides students with the instructional tools they need to start lifting weights independently, making them more comfortable with strength training. Clear, fully-illustrated exercises show proper form and offer tips to help maximize student workouts. Display them in your gym, classroom, or other exercise area for maximum effectiveness!

Clear Instruction

Each chart features easy-to-follow instructions for six dumbbell exercises, with start and stop positions clearly illustrated to ensure proper form. Lower body and upper body charts combine for 18 exercises and a challenging total-body workout! Students will be guided through the bicep curl, sumo squat, lateral raise, single-arm row, and more!

Maximize Class Time

With a full range of exercise options readily available, students can always refer to the basics of each lift, allowing instructors to focus individual students' challenges. Maximize class time with minimal instruction required—students can look at a dumbbell exercise chart and know what they’re supposed to be doing!

Great Durability

Laminated posters can be easily tacked, taped, or hung in gyms, classrooms, or fitness facilities. They will look great for years without ripping, curling, or tearing. They arrive rolled up to ensure there are no creases. Large size makes them visible from anywhere in the gym. 24"L x 18"W.