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UltraFit Demolition Sandbags

As low as $74.95
Durable sandbag puts students' strength to the test.

A unique, heavy-duty cover allows for a variety of full-body strength training routines and cardiovascular workouts.

Unparalleled Durability

Tough cover stands up to rugged abuse, exhausting workouts, and accidents that frequent during institutional use. The cover offers the perfect complement of a non-abrasive feel and durability, giving students confidence when lifting and slamming each bag. Seatbelt-grade nylon straps and triple-stitched seams reinforce the lifting points and strengthen these critical areas. Ergonomic grips on the handles offer a more controlled grip, which can prevent slipping and shifting during use.

Limitless Workout Options

Featuring 10-12 handles placed around the cover, these sandbags provide the ultimate in versatility and comfort during training. Heavier bags feature extra reinforcement with handles for added durability.


  • Sandbags can be used to train the entire body, from the legs to the core, back to arms, and beyond. By learning to use sandbags, students will be able to perfect their form and optimize their efforts when it comes to both strength training and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Add variety in weight training to keep the mind and body challenged. Introduce weightlifting concepts to newer students with a less intimidating piece of equipment as compared to a metal barbell.
  • Provide an unconventional method for building muscle, boosting overall strength, and burning fat. The secret to sandbag training lies in the slight shift of the load within the sandbag and the odd shape users need to control during lifts and workouts.
  • Bags come pre-filled and ready to use right out of the box! There's no need to mess around with filling, which can lead to leaking or improperly filled bags.

Available Individually in 3 weights (10 lb, 15 lb, 60 lb).