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UltraFit CircuitPro Speed and Agility Circuit Pack

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Ignite the explosive power and speed of your class with this high-octane youth speed and agility training  circuit pack featuring premium equipment and expert instruction.

This intermediate-level Pack pairs our one-of-a-kind CircuitPro Station Boards with corresponding equipment for 8 fast-paced speed and agility exercise stations.

Class-wide Training

No more scrambling to gather the equipment you need for agility training—this pack includes everything needed to implement an efficient and effective circuit to accommodate an entire class. Including agility ladders, hurdles, reaction balls, and more, you'll be able to run various circuits that challenge your students' foot speed, reaction time, coordination, and more.

Custom-Made Instruction

Each station has its own board to explain the drill, so students can guide themselves through the circuit. Boards include large, crisp images of start and stop poses and easy-to-follow activity instruction. The 18" x 18" boards are printed on durable 1/8"-thick plastic to withstand everyday wear and tear. Included teacher cards provide more lesson direction so instructors can provide tailored assistance to each student.

Convenient Storage

This pack includes a heavy-duty bin for convenient storage of equipment. After class, simply load it all into the bin and wheel it to your storage area. Rainbow equipment is easy to categorize so you never lose an item, and useful for organizing teams and drills.

Pack includes:

  • UltraFit FootWorX Agility Mat, 2 Ea
  • All-Screamin' Single Agility Ladder, 2 Ea
  • Screamin' Orange Agility Hurdles, Set of 12 (6 Ea 6"H and 12"H)
  • Detonate Speed Chute, 2 Ea (Medium)
  • Rainbow Reaction Balls, Set of 6
  • Detonate Ignition Interval Timer, 1 Ea
  • Rainbow SmartHolder Cones, Set of 12
  • Pro-Tuff Wheeled Bin, 1 Ea
  • UltraFit CircuitPro Station Boards/Teacher Overview Cards, 1 Set