UltraFit CircuitPro High Intensity Training (HIT) Circuit Pack

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Create an incredible, vigorous workout with cutting-edge fitness equipment!

Introduce your students to fitness interval training in a way that’s easy for them to understand, yet challenging enough for them to feel results! Each exercise within this circuit pack works multiple muscles and entire muscle groups, to provide more efficient, effective results. This is our best pack for a full body workout!

An Efficient Workout

By encouraging students to alternate between periods of activity and rest, fitness interval training provides an efficient and effective workout. This pack is based around 30-second intervals of training and resting, which is optimal for maintaining a target heart rate. All exercises in this pack work entire muscle groups for a total-body workout that builds strength effectively. For example, the medicine ball slam works muscles in the shoulders, back, core, and legs, all in a single rep.

Simple Instruction

This circuit pack delivers an easy-to-understand introduction to each exercise in the workout. Included training boards show and explain movements for each piece of equipment at the station, allowing for self-driven learning. Each board includes large, vivid images of start and stop positions as well as clear step-by-step directions. Teacher cards further explain the movements and show how to efficiently set up the class for best results.

Complete Pack. Includes:

  • 30'L Warrior Apprentice Ropes, Set of 4
  • StrongHold Anchor Station, 1 ea
  • UltraFit Tremor Slam Balls, 4 ea
  • Alpha Armor Kettlebells, 4 ea
  • UltraFit Workout Mats, 2 ea
  • Soft Cable Speed Ropes, 2 ea
  • SmartHolder Cones, Set of 12
  • Gopher Ignition Interval Timer, 1 ea
  • Double-sided Station Boards and Teacher Overview Cards, Set of 8