UltraChute Parachutes

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This colorful and functional PE parachute is Gopher’s strongest and longest-lasting parachute at the best price!

This parachute is the most durable option on the market! The tear-resistant, coated rip-stop polyester features reinforced stitching, creating an incredibly strong parachute for lasting use. An extra mesh layer in the middle prevents balls from falling through and adds to the overall durability.

The perimeter of the parachute includes handles so students keep a secure grip. Double stitching resists tearing when activity gets going and ensures handles last for years. Choose from 4 diameter sizes with a varying number of handles to best fit your class size and activity.

  • 12’ dia, 18 handles
  • 24’ dia, 30 handles
  • 30’ dia, 36 handles
  • 45’ dia, 48 handles

Bright Rainbow panels add to the versatility of the design, allowing teachers to add color-coded teamwork activities with parachutes! Activity examples include keeping the same color ball on the colored panel the longest while other teams work to pop the ball up in the air and off the parachute.

The included oversized bag with a handle makes storage and transportation easy. Tough parachutes meet the ASTM F963 Flammability Standard.