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UltimateScooter ScootPursuit Set

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The latest addition to our vast line of UltimateScooter Board accessories features a unique target attachment that has students in constant pursuit!

Unique, Fast-Paced Activity

Teams race around the gym, attempting to throw 2-1/2" dia balls through the tissue paper on the other team's scooter attachment to score points! Once paper is torn, it's quick to replace on the attachment, thanks to the snap-together holders. Students will love this fast-paced activity and teachers will love the focus on teamwork and communication, as well as eye-hand coordination.

Easy Attachment

Each impact-resistant PVC attachment quickly assembles via push-pin connections. Simply insert each attachment into the UltimateScooter Board's custom fitting to start the pursuit in seconds! Each scooter attachment is 46"H x 34"W x 22"D.

Sets include:

  • UltimateScooter Boards, 2 Ea (w/ Indoor Wheels or Indoor/Outdoor Wheels)
  • ScootPursuit Attachments, 2 Ea
  • Balls (2-1/2" dia), Set of 6
  • Tissue Paper (8-1/2" x 11"), Set of 100
  • VersaBag Mesh Storage Bag, 1 Ea
  • Activity Instructions