Two Panel Aztec Rope Climber

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It's double the fun with this rope wall and climbing wall all-in-one!

Practice and improve climbing skills in students using this unique, fun structure! Constructed with rotationally-molded plastic, this durable climber will last through years of play. This climber not only promotes fitness, but also features Aztec symbols that can be incorporated into cultural lessons.

Two Structures in One

This extremely versatile structure challenges students in a variety of ways. With a corkscrew design and horizontal panel placement, children are challenged to not only climb vertically, but also horizontally/laterally. Lateral climbing skills work different muscles and build other skills than simple vertical climbers. The climber also provides a larger play surface that allows more children to climb at once. Two corkscrew walls are connected in the middle with a climbing wall that students can climb up and over, or than can traverse across the other corkscrew panel. Assembly and installation required.

Combine Play with Cultural Lessons

This climber provides physical challenges and introduces young explorers to the world of the Aztec language. The plastic panels are adorned with Aztec symbols representing 9 of the 20 days of the Aztec calendar, along with “Snake" and “King Axayacatl," which are common parts of Aztec mythology and history. It combines play with learning to stimulate young students both physically and mentally.