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TumblePro Varia 2" Triple-Layered Cheer Mats

As low as $359.00

Fast-ship cheer mats that combine our highest impact absorption with a soft feel!

Designed specifically for high-impact activities like gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, and more, our Varia tumble mats feature 2 layers of our firmest foam over a soft urethane core for a unique combination of firm stability and forgiveness. Plus, these SpeedShip mats are in stock and ready to ship for immediately delivery!

Two layers of our firmest foam envelop a soft urethane core for a rigid surface with more forgiveness, giving students the support they need when putting their full weight on mats. The top and bottom layers provide a great foundation while the center layer dissipates energy and absorbs impacts.

Smooth, nylon-reinforced 14 oz antimicrobial vinyl covers are flame-retardant, washable, and mildew-resistant. Double-reinforced, nylon-stitched inside seams ensure durability, maximum safety, and longevity. The entire mat is designed to weather abuse and look as good as it functions for years to come.

It’s easy to string together mats thanks to hook-and-loop fasteners on 2 ends. Build longer runways for entire gymnastics routines, or shorten them down to accommodate single users and specific movements in smaller areas. These folding mats collapse into 2' sections, making them easy to transport and convenient to stack and store.

Mats are available in 4 sizes.


  • 4’ x 6’
  • 4’ x 8’
  • 5’ x 10’
  • 6’ x 12’


  • Dual Layer Foam Over Urethane Core
  • 2” thickness
  • High shock absorption