Tubing Anchor System

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Stretch the boundaries of your strength program with versatile resistance band anchor system!

Unique cuffed tubes and a rig-mounted resistance tube anchor will dramatically increase the versatility of your programming.

Versatile Bands

A cuff with hook-and-loop fasteners facilitates a wider variety of lower-body movements that conventional handles simply can't accommodate. The comfortable neoprene construction securely straps to the user's leg, allowing them to perform lateral hip work, hamstring curls, knee extensions, and more. Recovering students can also use the cuffed bands for effective upper-body training and rehabilitation.

Convenient Design

Industrial-strength nylon sheathing protects the tube from damage and protects the user from unlikely overextension and snapbacks. Three included resistances allow users to progress as strength develops and color coding allows for instant identification of the correct band.

Start training any time with an anchor system that mounts to any 3" x 3" rig in seconds! Easily adjust height for different users or movements using the intuitive and safe pin locking mechanism. The anchor is powder-coated to resist damage from other gym equipment.

Tubing and anchor are available individually or in a complete set that includes tubing anchor, 1 ea light, medium, heavy tubing (54"L), and convenient storage bag.