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TRX Pro4 Digi Camo Suspension Trainers

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Durable, all-inclusive TRX system, complete with a captivating camouflage pattern.

These trainers offer a complete solution for fitness enthusiasts, boasting TRX accessories including adjustable foot cradles, rubber hand grips, and a theft-resistant design. The durable construction ensures longevity with corrosion-resistant locking carabiners and industrial-grade nylon. Digi camo pattern adds a neutral color scheme to any work out area for a stylish touch.

Whether you're at the gym or outdoors, anchor it wherever you please and enjoy hassle-free bodyweight exercises that cater to users of all levels. Compact and portable, this trainer comes with all the necessary accessories—mesh bag, door anchor, suspension anchor, and Xtender strap—making it perfect for grab-and-go training. Packs include a jumbo storage tote.