TREMOR Slam Balls

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Send shock waves through the gym with the best medicine ball for slams and the grippiest slam ball on the market!

Designed specifically for slam ball exercises, Tremor features a durable cover with an intensely-textured pattern for a great grip and lasting use, even on concrete! Tremor pushes training to faster and stronger levels!

A Better Grip and Design

Tremor features a one-of-a-kind textured cover that provides a superior grip and pushes slamming workouts to faster and stronger levels. Overhead tossing and catching drills are more effective and stay on track. Extra thick walls withstand the most intense slams and routine use so there's no worry of a failing cover and leaking sand.

Quickly select the correct ball with a simple glance, thanks to the large and contrasting weight markers printed on the cover. As the weight of the ball increases, so does the diameter. Weights start at 4 lb (5" dia) and go all the way to 50 lb (9.85" dia). If the cover gets dirty, simply wipe it clean with soap and water.

A More Intense Workout

The sand center shifts during throws and handoffs, creating a challenging instability that increases focus and forces users to engage the core and stabilizing muscles. A sand-filled center guarantees no bouncing or rolling on impact, eliminating unnecessary stalls or holdups during workouts. Customize each ball by inflating it to the desired firmness. The more air added, the firmer and more stable the ball becomes. Deflating it increases the instability challenge.

Available Individually.

Ball Sizes

  • 4 lb = 5" dia
  • 6 lb = 7" dia
  • 8 lb = 7" dia
  • 10 lb = 7" dia
  • 15 lb = 9" dia
  • 20 lb = 9" dia
  • 25 lb = 9" dia
  • 30 lb = 9" dia
  • 40 lb = 9.85" dia
  • 50 lb = 9.85" dia