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A must have for jumping and skill building during gymnastics training or PE classes.

Stack trapezoids to introduce students to jumping and vaulting during gymnastics units! Individual bases stack atop each other to vary the height and challenge. This makes learning gymnastics skills as easy or as challenging as needed for students. Trapezoids are safe and durable, while 2 sizes make it easy to conform to student needs.

Great Versatility

Trapezoids are a great tool when teaching the basics of jumping and vaulting—both fundamental skills for gymnastic proficiency. Stacking the trapezoids also allows them to be tailored to each student’s comfort level and ability. Shorter stacks are great for vaults by younger students, while taller stacks challenge proficient students. Students can also use trapezoids as spotting platforms, plyometric boxes, and more.

Superb Safety

Covered in a 20 oz vinyl cover, there’s minimal risk of slipping, even when students’ hands are sweaty. Vinyl does not absorb liquids and can be easily washed. Soft polyurethane foam with a top layer of 1" thick extra-firm polyethylene foam makes the trapezoids strong enough for bracing, while keeping them user-friendly. Secure each segment via hook-and-loop fasteners to prevent shifting when force is applied.

Each section is 12"H. Small set includes 3 sections; Large set includes 4 sections.

Trapezoid Options:

  • Small, 36''L x 30''W x 48''H, 60 lb
  • Large, 48''L x 36''W x 48''H, 120 lb