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TiltED Active Seats

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Students will tip, tilt, and balance their way to success!

Slouching cuts off circulation, making it difficult for blood and oxygen to flow through the body. This active seat changes that by allowing students to rock back and forth or tilt side to side. Balancing the seat on the domed portion of its bottom edge lets students work their core muscles without disrupting class. The seat also features a backless design to ensure proper posture, allowing for increased blood flow and productivity.

One-piece molded construction offers long-lasting institutional use and supreme durability, while a carrying handle makes each seat easy to transport. When students finish rocking out their wiggles, nest seats together for efficient storage. Each seat has a 500 lb weight capacity and is available in 2 sizes. Patented.

Seat Options

  • Elementary. 17"W x 15"H; 4 lb.
  • Secondary. 18"W x 20"H; 4-1/2 lb.