TeamBocce Set

Unit:  Set

Entertaining team bocce variation gets the whole class involved, indoors or out!

This unique bocce set includes an oversized white target ball that’s easy to spot, plus enough balls for up to 30 players. This friendly competition teaches tossing and perceptual skills with soft, safe balls during bocce ball games.

Get the Entire Class Involved

This is a great team game that gets the entire class involved. Up to 30 people can play at a single time!

Designate a throwing line, divide the class into 2 teams, and designate 2 small groups on each team. To start, a player throws the target ball away from the group. The first small group from the yellow team tosses its bocce balls toward the target, followed by the first small group from the blue team, then by the second yellow and blue teams. After tossing all balls, players determine the score. Only 1 color can score during each round. For example, if there are 3 yellow balls closest to the target ball and the next closest ball is blue, then the yellow team gets 3 points. Play until a team accumulates 21 points.

High-Quality Equipment

These bocce balls are made of soft vinyl for use indoors or out. The softer balls are friendlier for younger users who might be intimidated by traditional hard, heavy bocce balls. Transport and carry the game in the included mesh carrying bag.

Set includes 30 vinyl bocce balls (4” dia; 15 ea blue, yellow), 1 target ball (5" dia), and activity instructions.