Team PinGuard Set

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Students run, jump, and throw in this heart-pumping, action-packed team game.

Teach teamwork, agility, targeting, and dodging skills as teams of 15 or more compete to knock down their opponents' pins while protecting their own. All equipment comes in bold and exciting Screamin' colors to boost class participation and organization!

Screamin' Colors

Available in Screamin' Orange and Green, these bright colors add to the excitement of PinBlitz activities and get students energized for Physical Eduction class. The colors also make it easy for teachers to divide students into groups. These are several team games in one package, so teachers can quickly divide students into orange or green teams to get going.

Four Game Ideas

Each set includes 4 great game ideas!

  • Team PinGuard: Students divide into 2 teams and split the gym in half. Teams roll foam balls in attempt to knock down the other team's pins.
  • Neutral Zone PinGuard: Two teams snag balls from the neutral zone in the middle, attempting to knock down the opposing team's pins and avoid elimination.
  • Four Zone Battle: Players are divided between center zones and end zones and attempt to knock over opposing teams' pins.
  • Orange/Green Pin Battle: Students roll their balls in attempt to knock down the other teams' pins, while keeping theirs upright.

Each Team PinGuard Set includes 12 soft foam 6.3" dia dodgeballs (6 ea Screamin' Orange and Screamin' Green), 20 coated-foam pins (10 ea Screamin' Orange and 10 Screamin' Green), a VersaBag mesh storage bag, and activity instructions.